You may visit once and realize that you will more than likely be back a few times. If you plan to visit more than twice within a year, it is probably best to go ahead and buy a membership! Most places will let you buy a membership after your first visit and subtract your admission that day, ask before purchasing if that is an option. 

Nashville Zoo

The Nashville Zoo

Nashville, TN

We love the Nashville Zoo! We have been members since my little was about six months old but I wish we would have gone sooner. Even if your baby is still in a stroller, it's a great place to get in a good walk! Each time is a different experience depending on what the animals are doing so it's always fun! There are many areas that are great for having a picnic. You can bring in your own snacks and drinks, which is a plus! Message me @nashvillelittles on Instagram for a $20 discount code!

Cheekwood Nashville.jpg


Nashville, TN

This place is everything! A great walk, beautiful space and always something new to explore. The new Children's garden is gorgeous and has many spots for littles to play. I love how they carefully planned the landscape with rock gardens, water spaces, tunnels and climbing spaces. The trains are also always a big hit! Their TOTS program ran everyday before Covid-19. It is virtual right now but hopefully will return soon!

Frist Art Museum Nashville

The Frist Art Museum 

Nashville, TN

The Frist Art Museum is such a fun place to visit for littles! If you have a stroller baby you can quietly roam or take your little upstairs to the Martin ArtQuest area. There are stations for littles to explore, build and create. The age range for the activties in ArtQuest is quite broad and is definitely something kids will want to explore time and time again. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, the area for children is currently closed. Until then, I wouldn't recommend a visit with children who will want to get out of their stroller and explore. 18 & under get in FREE!