"Play is the work of a child" -Mario Montessori

     What age can you take your child to the playground? Children of all ages, including babies, can enjoy the playground. The youngest babies may enjoy watching other children play or they can sit and explore mulch and leaves. Most babies can use a baby swing with the help of a parent around 9 months of age. Most of the parks included in the list have toddler areas that would be appropriate for children that have began walking and climbing. 


Fannie Mae Dees Park

Nashville, TN

This park is located next to Vanderbilt University and has so many fun features! First, there is the iconic mosaic dragon that is a must see when visiting. In addition, the park hosts a beautiful shaded playground with a foam surface that children of all ages will enjoy. Parking on the street can be a bit tricky at times, but is well worth the time you will spend at the park. 

Sevier Park Nashville Playground.jpg

Sevier Park Playground

Nashville, TN

This park has a great walking path, community center and playground for older children as well as toddlers. It has a foam surface on the toddler playground for extra comfort for little feet. There are many shady spots and areas to sit and picnic with your family. Our favorite activity to is to play for a little while and then stroll to the nearby 12 South neighborhood for lunch or dinner. 

Elmington Park Nashville

Elmington Park Playground

Nashville, TN

This park off West End Avenue is a perfect piece of city green space. In addition to a big field, there are two small playgrounds for older children and toddlers. Your little will love the over sized tunnels to walk through in addition to baseball field where they can run the bases! They also have food trucks on the weekends during the day!


Shelby Bottoms Nature Center

Nashville, TN

Do you have a kid that loves to play in the dirt? Loves trucks? Wants to splash in the water, climb on rocks and discover hidden forts in the woods? Shelby Bottoms Nature Center is the place for you! The park itself is huge and there is a lot to explore. To go to the nature play area, park under the bridge at the Nature Center. Also, lookout for the slide on the walkway! There is a playground by the baseball fields as well. 

woodmont park nashville).jpg

Woodmont Park

Nashville, TN

This cute little park in Green Hills is perfect for a morning at the playground! There is plenty of space for littles and playground features for older kids as well. In addition there is a great walking loop and a big field for running and playing! There is also a small pavilion and baseball field. 

Frankie Pierce at Capitol View Gulch Nas

Frankie Pierce Park at Capitol View

Nashville, TN

This is the Gulch's newest park and largest green space! It is full of unique equipment and beautiful landscapes. The new urban district is also perfect for strolling and learning about the history that was impacted by Frankie Pierce Park. In addition there are several shops and places to eat (with patios) that you could stop by while you are there. The park itself doesn't have a lot of shade so you may want to visit on a cooler or cloudy day. 

Owl Creek Park Nolensville

Owl Creek Playground

Nolensville, TN

This park has a short walking loop and connects to a 21 acre neighborhood park. After a rainy day the playground easily floods, but you can almost always spot ducks in the marsh. The playground has a toddler section and a section for older children. There is a pavilion and a basketball court as well!

nolesville park.jpeg

Nolensville Park

Nolensville, TN

This park is the perfect playground for littles! There are a lot of features that are just right children 2 and under as well as a few features for older children as well. There is ample room to run and play, baseball fields, a small pavilion and a walking trail. Just across the bride you can also visit some of the shops in historic Nolensville. 

Brentwood Community Playground Crockett Park

Crockett Brentwood Community Playground

Brentwood, TN

The wooden playground is one of several at Crockett Park. The wooden playground is completely shaded in the summer and your little will be able to spend quite a long time exploring the ins and outs of this playground. The playground is divided into a section for smaller children and a section for older children. In addition to swings and typical equipment, you can find huts for peek-a-boo, small riding bugs and several obstacle courses for gross motor skills. There are picnic tables right outside the playground if you want to bring along a lunch!

Marcella Vivrette Smith Park Brentwood Ravenwood

Marcella Vivrette Smith Park

Brentwood, TN

This playground is situated just down from the historic Ravenwood Mansion. You can walk the grounds, take a family hike on one of the trails or picnic in the pavilion nearby. The playground has several pieces of equipment to explore but is best suited for older children to play independently. There is a lot of open space to explore at this park! 

Wickle Playground Brentwood

Granny White Park Playground

Brentwood, TN

This playground is shaded by trees and has section for older children as well as smaller children. There are many different slides and tunnels to explore. In addition, you can let your little run off energy in the nearby field or play in the sand on the volleyball court. There is also a great trail where you can take a stroll if you wish! It does have a pavilion as well if you want to take a snack break. 


Wickle Park Playground

Brentwood, TN

This playground is great go-to off Franklin Road because it is rarely crowded! In fact, I've never seen many people there at all. It is tucked into a neighborhood and has a lot of space for running and plenty of equipment. For summer playing, there is a lack of trees and there is also very little parking. Its a nice park to stop at if you need a little break or want some quiet time to stroll!

River Park Playground Brentwood

River Park Playground

Brentwood, TN

This is a small playground at the beginning of the River Park Bike Path. The path itself offers a perfect shady stroll. We like to stop at the playground afterwards and play for a bit. There are plastic dinosaurs for toddlers to explore, but they will need help using the larger equipment. It is also right beside a pavilion where you can take a break in the shade. 

Liberty park playground

Pinkerton Park Playground

Franklin, TN

This playground is just minutes from downtown Franklin. It has two large sections for children of all ages. There are plenty of green spaces and many options for outdoor play, even ping pong. There is also a large sandbox for your littles to explore! There is a great walking path for you to use too. 


Liberty Park Playground

Franklin, TN

This playground is just outside of Cool Springs. The playground is situated behind the baseball fields and dog park. It has a foam base and also has a child-parent swing. ​There is shade and a few benches to use while your littles explore. I like to visit this playground as a family or with a friend since it's a bit off the beaten path and not visible to many walkers.