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DIY Toddler Musical Instruments

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

An activity plus something for them to play with after, YES please! Making your own DIY instruments is not only fun but it helps with a ton of skills too. By doing this simple activity you will help your child develop fine motor skills, promote creativity, enhance focus and develop new pathways in their brain as they figure out the cause and effect of how their new instruments work. Remember, it doesn't have to be pretty. The process is part of the fun!

DIY Tambourine

1. Decorate two paper plates with crayons, markers or stickers.

2. Help your little scoop three tablespoons of beans or oatmeal onto one of the plates.

3. Tape or staple the edges and you are ready to play!

DIY Rainstick

1. Decorate a paper towel roll with crayons, markers or stickers.

2. Take a piece of tin foil and twist and then wrap it around a pencil.

3. Cover one edge of the paper towel roll with paper & tape. Put the tin foil inside the roll. Add 3 tablespoons of rice.

4. Cover the other edge of the paper towel roll with paper & tape. PLAYTIME!

Helpful Supplies

If you don't already have these crayons and markers...get them now! Take my advice, these are the BEST. They will literally wipe off any surface with JUST water. Its amazing and it saves the headache of being stressed when your little is just learning to color because they will certainly mess up a time or three hundred. Ha!

Have fun!


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