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Egg Activities for the Littles

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Spring is here and Easter is just a few weeks a way! Egg hunting is such a fun activity for littles and there is SO much you can do with a couple of plastic eggs. Below are some activities that you can try at home with your little one. Also check out my Nashville Easter Activities post & Easter Basket Ideas.

Egg Hunt for Colors

Give your little instructions to find a certain color egg that you have hidden. This promotes color recognition, following directions and extends egg hunting fun!

Sticker Egg Hunt

This simple activity is fun way to do an egg hunt. Put a sticker inside the eggs before you hide them and let your little one find them. You can have a special paper out that your little can use to put the stickers on as they hunt or after they have finished finding eggs. This is an easy way to work on fine motor skills too.

Take Apart & Put Together

Let your little take apart the eggs and mix them up. Let them have fun trying to put the eggs back together. You could do colorful eggs or these ones with fun designs for more of a challenge. If you have an older toddler, you can use a sharpie to write letters or shapes for them to match on the eggs. For the NON DIYer, this toy is the same concept and has been used at our house from 6+ months until now!

Egg Bath

Simply dump your eggs into the bathtub and let your little have fun! Your baby or toddler will have fun scooping and dumping water while playing with all the colorful eggs. These fun eggs also come pre-filled with bath toys for a fun surprise!

Water Play

Another simple way to incorporate sensory play is to fill a bucket with water and give your little plastic eggs. Let them experiment and see what they come up with! Adding water beads would be fun addition too!

Egg Painting

Instead of paint brushes, let your little one dip their eggs in the paint and make a picture. Use this opportunity to talk about shapes and experiment making art with different tools. This is our favorite (and very forgiving) paint!

Egg Instruments

Fill your eggs with oatmeal or rice and shake away! You might want to tape the eggs to seal them so it doesn't get too messy. You can also just order egg shakers if that is more up your alley! This youtube song is a fun one to use your eggs with!

Classic Egg Balance Game

Do you have a spoon? Show your little how to balance an egg on a spoon. Make it a game by placing a bucket or container across the room for them to try to get the egg into!

Tape Resistant Egg

Cut out an egg shape on a piece of cardstock or paint paper. Use painters tape to make a fun design with your little one. Afterwards, paint away! When your paint dries you can let your toddler peel the tape off to reveal their fun design.

Snack Egg Hunt

They want a snack anyways so might as well hunt some eggs in the meantime, right? They will stay motivated to find more eggs once they see there is a treat inside!

Have fun with your eggs! Tell me your favorite way to reuse Easter eggs in the comments!


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