• Kristen Moore

Inspiring Little Readers: Books for Fall

One of my favorite parts of teaching was introducing picture books to my students. There is something about a good picture book that is magic. It starts good conversation, teaches multiple things at one time and sparks a joy for learning. Did you also know that reading 20 minutes a day to your child GREATLY enhances academic achievement over time? Children that are read to 20 minutes a day learn many more words than children that are not read to.

Over the years I've had many conversations with parents about the struggle of getting them to read (or be read to) every night. Remember, you don't have to read just "before bed." My little absolutely has no patience or joy for a book before bed, but loves to sit in my lap first thing in the morning or after a nap. Sometimes you just have to find the right pocket of time for reading. You never want reading to be stressful or forced, especially for the little ones! Also, if it doesn't happen EVERY day, all will still be well and right in the world. Any experience with books is a good!

Another way to get littles interested in books is to incorporate seasonal books into your routine. You can reserve books online at your local library or use the links below to add to your home library. Here are some fun favorites...

Happy Reading!


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