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Nashville Duck Sightings

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

If there is one thing that will make a park visit great, it's the chance to see a duck! Here are some of our favorite parks where you can usually spot a duck. Bring some crackers or bread to see them up close!

Centennial Park - Nashville, TN

Centennial Park is a guaranteed duck sighting every time. You can stroll around the duck pond and see all different kinds of ducks. The ducks here are used to people and will almost always come over to give you a few quacks, especially if you have a snack!

Owl Creek Park - Nolensville, TN

The trail around this greenway has a swamp-like area that the ducks hang out in. There are usually two hanging out watching people stroll by. They are almost always out after a good rain, so that is the best time to go! Sometimes you can also see them in the ponds in the nearby neighborhood. The trail connects and you can sit in the gazebo!

The Park at Harlinsdale Park - Franklin, TN

The pond at Harlinsdale is a great spot to sit and watch the ducks. You can walk on the dock to feed the ducks or sit by the waters edge. There is no slope by the pond so it is very easily accessible. There isn't a lot of shade though so keep that in mind if you visit on a hot day!

Maryland Way Greenway - Brentwood, TN

You can hop on the greenway behind the Maryland Farms YMCA to make your way over to the pond. The ducks here are sometimes on the far side of the pond. You can walk over and they are sometimes grazing in the grass. This is a great spot to have a little picnic and watch the ducks on the water. Warning, the hill is steep and it may be a little harder for toddlers to manage than the other ponds.

You don't need much to stroll and feed the ducks! I do love to keep this blanket in our stroller to lay out if we stop for a snack break (aka every single time).

Have fun! I hope you get to see some ducks!


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