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SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Resort

Last week we took advantage of the Tennessee Resident Pass that SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland is offering for a limited time! Typically, you have to stay at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel to be able to purchase tickets to the water attraction. When we found out about the residents pass we knew we had to take advantage, although I wasn't sure how much my little (under 2) would really enjoy the park. I am SO glad we went because my little absolutely had the best time and we were so impressed with everything!

SoundWaves has 11 slides, a wave pool with a huge movie screen, 2 lazy rivers, rock climbing, surfing, two kids splash pad areas, adults-only areas, rock climbing and activity pools. The park has both indoor and outdoor features so there is something for everyone year round. There are several places to eat & get drinks, you can rent cabanas or rooms for parties as well. They also provide towels and life jackets for kids of all ages. Parking is RIGHT beside the resident park entrance. If you've been to the hotel, you know this is a big deal. Literally, they have thought of everything to ensure you have a great experience!

When it comes to toddlers, my little LOVED the kids splash pad areas. Outside they have three slides that she was able to enjoy with our help. She went down over and over again and she loved the fountain features in the pool as well. The kids splash pad was enjoyed by kids ranging from all different ages- I would estimate about 15 months to 10 years old. The outside area has a very shallow area with fountains and smaller slides on one side and then a bigger slide with bigger fountains and slightly deeper water on the other side. The water is the perfect temperature and you can seriously stay right here and play the whole time. We had to DRAG our toddler out of this area so we could explore the rest of the park.

The outdoor wave pool was another big hit for us! They take breaks from the waves often so that was the perfect time for our toddler to splash and play- although she ran into the waves with pure joy while they were on (her bravery is stressful at times, haha!). The large outdoor TV is a fun feature too. While we were at the park they were playing music videos!

Inside on the second level there is another splash park where you can get out of the sun and play. Inside is so beautiful, it's like a modern tropical oasis. There is a splash pad similar to the one outside and then another area that has a very small slide and several small water features for littles to enjoy! Downstairs you can enjoy the fun indoor features- rock climbing, lazy pool, surfing and other fun activities they have set up in the pool like basketball and obstacle courses.

COVID-19 Precautions- We felt safe at SoundWaves. We mostly stuck to the little kid areas which weren't crowded. All the staff had masks on and were very helpful. All the floats for slides were sanitized after every use. They are also abiding by the Marriot Promise, which you can read about here.

Overall, we had the BEST time. If you know my little, she asks for a snack all the time. She literally played for 4 hours straight without even blinking. The only way we got her out the pool was the promise of pizza, haha! The Tennessee Residents Pass is a great offer to take advantage of, especially if you want one last summer adventure before your kids go back to school (or start remote learning). They are also offering deals for residents to stay at the hotel for a limited time. It would definitely be worth staying for a little vacation away from home! The hotel is gorgeous and the atriums are so peaceful. We are already planning a staycation soon.

Details are below and you can find them here.

Have fun!


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